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Falling Out Of Love
(2 August 1862 – 19 December 1947 / Ottawa, Ontario)

Falling Out Of Love

Is the feeling already gone?
Because i feel it is already gone,
Or am I just turning back,
And think it's already gone,

I'm falling out of love,
To the one I trully love,
I fought of days for this love,
And still it gave up,

I hope this won't hurt you,
'Coz i do not love you,
But still i'm desiring to be with you,
'Coz now i'm really loving you,

Not because i haven't this feeling,
But becasue loving you i'm desiring,
Love 'coz of feeling is immature loving,
Love 'coz you're desiring is true loving,

I loved you,
But now i'm really loving you,
I needed you,
And now i'm really needing you.


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