Ecstatic Apprehension.

Self emergence,
the state of transcendence
where the barriers ofselfhood
is abolished, is the communication
of life and beatitude.

All things are consummated and
renewed in the secret of ecstasy
as it was the secret of contemplation.

Where contemplation becomes expansive
out-going, self-giving, and receives a
definite fruition of the Absolute in return,
its content is already ecstatic.

The ineffable awareness
and the union
with the imageless Good,
is not the only, though it is
the purest form taken
by ecstatic apprehension.

by Genova Maaa my mother

Comments (2)

When the mystic enters an altered state of consciousness, his/her own identity/individuality is non-existent, and a state of blessedness/felicity and serenity is experienced. Everything is fulfilled, refreshed and as it were reborn in the secret of euphoria as it was in the secret of meditation. When observation becomes comprehensive and broad-ranging and achieves a positive and assured result of the Absolute reciprocally, its content is already rapturous. The indescribable, inexpressible beyond words consciousness and the blending with the unimagined God is not the only form, though it is the quintessential shape taken by entranced awareness. Dearest Tonyyyyy, thank you for sharing this wonderfully crafted poem on mystical philosophy and love. So insightful! A sublime write exquisitely inked...
You have amazingly presented this poem. All things are consummated and renewed in the secret of ecstasy. A mystical philosophical writing is presented here.10