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Edgar Allen Poe
JB (09-30-1980 / springfield illinois)

Edgar Allen Poe

Poem By justin byerline

This world is filthy
It's time to take out the trash
Turn it to ash
So it wont be infectious
Less contagious
God made disease to keep us on the straight and narrow
But we still fly like a sparrow
Til it rots our bone marrow
So we lie in the ground
Never to be found
To live in a world like this
Will never be eternal bliss
Give me your eternal kiss
So i can sleep and never weep
But insted i have sunken deeper
Than a thousand murmaids in an endless sea
And no one can help me
Accept you
But is that what you will do
Or will you run
Wait for the sun
If you dont see it where will you go?
Maybe insane like Edgar Allen Poe.

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I think Edgar Allen Poe would think this is crap, But I love it! ! !