Edge Of The Dream: Becoming The Creator

In the time before Time, there was the void of nothing that was not known,
for nothing existed to know it.
The Creator was not then the Creator
for nothing was then created.
The Creator was this Nothing
and felt only the emptiness of the void.

The Creator inspired to create
but there was nothing except what was within,
from which to give it form.
All things that 'were and were not',
that 'are and are not' and
'to be and not to be'
resided within the center of perfect stillness
that was to become the Creator.
These things within desired to separate and take form.

With a sound, the Creator burst open and
poured forth the Creation from all manner of substance within.
When there was Time, The Creator looked into the face of the created
and said 'This Creation, I AM'.
With those words, the Creator dissolved completely into the Creation
and the Creation replied, 'I have come from all of the substance
and thoughts that you are.
Indeed The Creator, AM I.'

(To those who have inquired, this prose is not an affirmation of any religious belief. Quite to the contrary, it is a philosophical awareness of our oneness with all things, as we have come into being... together.)

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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