Educated People

Going to school,
In uniforms;
In Africa!
But in outher countries,
The normal clothes are used.

Going to school,
To educate yourself;
And, to educate your mind!
Of the things seen around you;
In the name of the culture of the land.

Going to school,
Learning much about your land;
And, of others going on in other lands!
With the muse of the subjects at hand,
But, who the cap fits must always wear it.

Educated people,
Schooling in Africa;
Educated people,
Schooling all over the world!
However, what you are taught are exactly what shapes your life.

Muse, love, life, peace and mercy!
In the land of my birth;
Going to school,
To rise up and to learn from the teachers;
With various disciplines under different subjects.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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An awesome poem with lot of meanings.