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AR (11.01.89 / India)


They tell us what we need to know.
We can work in the store and shove the snow.
We can speak English, French and Latin,
We may learn Hindi and some German.
Our choice of subjects must be rational,
What pays the most is fashionable.
A dash of science is a must.
A bit of maths will not hurt.
Commerce, Accounts and Computers,
Are the subjects of the future.
We must do this and some more,
If we have to win this race of gore.

How do we bother about what happens in the world beyind the gates?
Communism, Capitalism, Bush or Saddam.
We don't care.
We read the papers every morning,
Like good girls are supposed to.
We cry and shriek 'Ah! Another Murder',
Another poor little child killed.
Another rape. How sickening. How sad.
'How Monstous', we shriek.
We get ready and go to school.
What happens beyond the gates may happen.
We don't care.
We have our lives to lead.
We go to school.
Like good girls are supposed to.

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