You want to be in a gang
And shoot up everything with a bang
You say they'll have your back
But education is what you lack
Education is the key to life
And not getting stabbed with a knife
Education will lead you to great heights
And not to everyday fights
Education will help you excel
Not lead you to a county jail
You won't find yourself doing ten
In any county pen
Or being charged with first degree murder
In a court of order
And as your family wail
You're getting life without bail
Be in a gang and stay there for keeps
You'll find yourself underground six feet deep
So instead of being laid to rest
Get an education and be the best.

by Norena M. Jones

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Is this poem I think not poem
Useful to my study
love that poem.... ...
Wow nice poem and I like it.
Praise you ,Norena M. Jones
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