I Have Nothing More To Give You

I have nothing more to give you
But my love
It's gentle, soft and beautiful
Like a white dove
It invites peace
evokes warmth and
soothens the soul
It guides, it questions, and plays a large role
I am poor, in wealth of men
But not in soul
For I have nothing much to give you
but my love....
Is there life without love.
Does it fulfill
An empty existence......
Just sleep, live, and eat your fill
But when love is there to
Bring meaning to your life divine
It lifts the life ordinary, to the sublime
When I'm gone, you will surely realise
I had so much to give you
That you will surmise
My love was the greatest treasure,
greatest wealth
That you had,
Don't be sad love
don't be sad, don't be sad.

by Arti Chopra

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