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Effects Of Discrimination

I lived a life of social pain,
Many heartaches and strain,
No one ever seemed to care
Of the torment I had to bare.

I lived with a bundle of emotional trouble,
My hopes and dreams seemed to crumble.
I encountered vocal and biased receptions,
Perservered, but never gained acceptance.

Every day I tried my very best,
But I am not treated like the rest.
I shed many tears in the dark,
Skeptical of being a member of the ark.

Bias people look down at me as less,
But I think I am as good as the rest.
I was always told to knit my brow,
It seems I could never learn how.

It is if I was born disfigured and scarred,
A restless soul stained and marred.
A body adorned with dastardly marks,
My life dominated by discriminating remarks.

Yet, I firmly believe in faith and hope
And pray each day for the strength to cope
To eliminate the stain of bias and discrimination,
Urging all people to accept tolerance with no hesitation.

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One hundred percent behind you.... and you have given one hundred percent to this piece, with its important message and flowing style. t x