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Efik Peace Economy

Does someone have to lose
to have peace
"mem" or "emem" in Efik
spoken in Nigeria

Means to make peace
to pacify
"emem emem"
he makes peace
"eset emem mi"
my heart is at rest

But also weakness shines through
the cracks of peace
to weaken or reduce in strength
"urono emem mi idem v anam idem emem mi"
Sickness makes me weak
"idem emem mi"
I feel weakly I am tired

When we are weak
it is good for peace
to be easy to
"ewe emem fi idem ndinam emi"
which is easy for you to do this
"emem enye idem e ekpcre enye nsun ndinam"
It is easy for him to do it

But maybe easy is like gentle or peaceful
to make or become easy
mild gentle
"enye emem idii"
he is mild in manner

Is easy and gentle the same as cheap
to make or be cheap
"nkpo emi emem urua"
this thing is cheap in price

Is cheap peace the opposite of bold
with "enyin" as in "enyin emem"
to be meek to be diffident
not bold or forward
"enye emem enyin"
he is diffident

Or do we have to find ways
to be gentle and kind
and economical so that it is easy
to share peace
strengthening everyone
even those who are poor and weak

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Peace is of such value that economics can not dictate its stature, although it fosters a strong wind against it, some of the most poverty stricken people have peace as some of the wealthiest people on earth cannot afford one nights sleep, your poem is deep and I throughly enjoyed it! !