What came first chickens or eggs?
Chickens of course!
Chickens have legs!

Chickens have feathers,
Eggs have a shell,
How would you like your eggs, done well?

This may be a 'yolk',
But consider it folk!

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (4)

A beautiful, witty piece Ernestine, made me giggle. Andrew
Haha! Eggxactly the kind of humor I enjoy (and Sally's comment, too) . - chuck
Dear Ernestine: Who can argue with this logic? ! I'm on your side all the way! I'll take them scrambled, please, with a tiny bit of cheddar cheese. Thanks for the smile! Esther : ]
Eggstra well done on your behalf I think, and a huge thankyou for this wonderfully funny write.Love Duncan