If a rich man,
might be a corrupt government official
or a contractor
or a black marketeer
addes a new costly practice
in the marriage or shradha
or any other ceremony performed by him
although religiuosly inappropriate
yet to keep his ego
in the society
it is imitated first
by the other rich people.
Poor people dont want to follow
due to financial involvement
they cannot afford.
Intellectuals and writers
write against the new practice
in local newspapers
as superflous, meaningless
and harmful to the society.
Yet in reality
all of them follow the new practice
fearing if not so
their prestige before others
will be lost.
More and more
such new practices are added
to the religious ceremonies
by the rich people.

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Comments (4)

Corruption destroys the very core of society. It must be abhorred in all its forms. A well conveyed thought. Corruption is vividly depicted.
All that supports E'go should be avoided...... ego kills spiritual life and the human relationships. tony A very good poem dear Akham.. please write more on Ego so that we may influence many.. tony
Corruption! ! ! Harmful to the society. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A pragmatic write! Appreciated the way you have depicted the case my friend! Thanks for sharing!