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Ego Disappearence

Breakfast time, Egg-cup empty how strange Where's clockwork mechanism of duty?
Wife took flight to Caribbean islands to sunbathe her ego independence day?
My ego-like an egg but now is absent, let us ruminate-times and eggain I ate it, eat it -Ego (egg) humbly go but next day wife appear and here comes my egg eggain, (AN EGG AGAIN)
-my ego -egg, etymology and all is worth war and peace treatise, an explanation to be presented, at some future times, at United Nations-
But for short in a nutshell, empty egg-cup -
Can't live without my ego and comes an egg again (escorted by my wife -I miss her)
Let someone hungry (shoot a glance out of your window or downtown drive) eat your egg (if there's no willing wife) -
This time your eggotism (oh excuse me Egotism) excused,
She's lovely in outward appearance by the way on this husband independence day
The egg-cup fool ego disappearance

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