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*'Ego Eimi'

The Way, the Truth, and the Life, I AM,
I AM the good shepherd,
I AM the Lamb.
I AM the door, and this way you must pass,
I have no beginning,
I remain till the last.
I AM the light of the world; I AM the bread of life,
I AM the Groom,
And the church is my wife.
As the branch to the Vine, so you are to Me.
I AM the Word from the beginning,
And I always will be.
I AM He who exchanged Isaac, for the ram,
Before Abraham was,
I AM the Savior, who died on the cross,
I AM the resurrection and life,
For a world that is lost.
I AM the Word made flesh, that My Father did send,
I AM the Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning,
And the End.


by Gary Bryson

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Gary, It couldn't be made any clearer... awesome! Brian