Egotistical Predator (Competitor Of Hell)

You're locked-in by closet practices, camouflaged to gain.
A chameleon blends into its surroundings, but you're insane.
Some, unaware of Hell's assignment, lie, steal, and destroy.
You glory in selfish takers, lusting after others for your toy.

You need vulnerable pigeons for tyranny and cruel catch.
While you, yourself, hate the most; envying what yah thrash.
By instigating you regulate, and even play God, so you'll rule.
No one near knows you; your deception is vain and cruel.

Liar is your name; a con's your game, killing all you maim.
Hate inside, you hide; God there's too many actors to blame.
Your gifted façade, crippling your prey, like vinum to an asp.
I knew you once; til God turned me, His Loving way, to grasp

by ArmourQuill Hunter

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