Egypt, February 11,2011

The Roar goes on and does not abate.
It is the roar of the Ocean
that most of the time we can't hear;
perhaps it's the sound of ॐ .

We tune in
as if it is our own life,
which it is-
the drama
you can't see
too many times:
the tyrant toppled,
the old order upended;
Time, the dictator, overturned
in the ecstatic Present;
the Bad Father in each of us banished
so the children there may safely play,

Obama elected,
the Berlin Wall down,
Soviet Union gone,
Mandela out of prison;
now Egypt free!

Yes, the future
will betray
this moment
time and again,

but the step
has been taken.
Humanity lurches,
no, dances


© 2011 by Max Reif

by Max Reif

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I understand your message..very nice poem...Mari.