Egyptian Treasure

My chest was quilted by the best in our kind,
To go with the pharaohs' body and mind.
I was covered with beads made out of gold,
Giving warmth to my heart which was terribly cold.
I was put in a pyramid made out of stones,
I was laid on the pharaohs' mummified bones.
My old silver mask which was gilded one time,
To the grave robbers was worth less than to you a dime.
They had broken into the pharaohs' burial room,
They had taken me out of the mighty kings tomb.
I was too sad to breathe, I was held in their hands,
As their caravan traveled through the deserts' red sands.
They had lost me! at last! I had cried out with joy,
I was thrown in the desert like a useless gold toy.
I was buried beneath the deserts red sands,
I will serve my purpose in far away lands.

by Michael Kuznetsov

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