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Eh, The Pain
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Eh, The Pain

Poem By Helene Sawyer

Feeling the warm tears gracefully go down my cheeks and onto the
Feeling the pain from the hit sink deeper into my heart
Just showing how much you truly loved me
Having a broken heart that cannot be tended to,
Seeing the tears form in your eyes after you hurt me
I still love you, but I just cannot forgive you

I cry night after night about it, nothing I do can stop the pain
Bruise after bruise just showed me how much you cared,
Bad dreams just keep taking me back to that day,
I thought you had love me but you just kept the broken hearts coming
I just cannont forgive you, I hope you understand,

Stronger winds spin me around and help me realize my future with you
Nothing is going to make me come back to you
Give me a second to think
Times up, nope, nothing can change my mind
The number on your football jersey, my favorite number, you can have it back
You still love me, but I don't love you anymore

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Aawww that's soooo sad. Beautiful peace though.