Eight Years

It’s been eight years now

We have known each other

Eight strong years

We have been there for another

Memorial Day kind of became a tradition

Where I would stay over Sunday night

Your dad would cook on the grill on Monday

Where the sirloin tips were always soo good.

When you lived on Robbins Avenue

Wednesday nights was our night together

We watched Dawson’s Creek

As if it was the only show in the world

It was a Wednesday in October

Where I was at your home

Where I found out my grandmother died

You and your brother were both there for me that night

I ended up drinking

With your brother that night

Then slept in his bed with him

And thought you were going to kill me

You never did hurt me

You never even got mad

I became relieved

And actually kind of glad

You always listened to my problems

I was having with my family

They drove me insane

And you were the one who has kept me sane

We have gone through so much together

Until last year when things drastically changed

You fell for a guy who I was practically in love with

And hurt my feelings for what seems like forever

I know I was stupid

And acted immature

I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings

Cause I never had been hurt by a best friend before

After we went to the war with Iraq

I decided it was time to forgive you

I didn’t want to fight over a guy

Because I thought our friendship was more important

I know it shouldn’t bother me

Because you already told me

His is just a good friend

Like he is one of the girls

But it does bother me greatly

I feel like I’ve been replaced

It’s like you are always with him

And never want to hang out with me

It makes me feel like I’m your last resort

You’ll call me if everybody else is busy

I know that’s probably not true

But that is just how I feel sometimes

Sometimes I get soo pissed off

That I don’t want anything to do with you

Then I change my mind

And decide I still want to be friends with you

I think of the positives

And I think of the negatives

Because my heart isn’t helping me

Answer my problem

There are more positives than negatives

But is the positives what I feel now?

I feel like the negatives have taken over my body

So our friendship no longer has any positives

All these conflicting emotions

Started over a guy

Why did this have to happen?

Why couldn’t things have stayed the same?

Sometimes I’m happy

Sometimes I’m sad

I’m trying my best

To make this situation one that will be happy

by Mowie DeCorp

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