Eighter Only And Number Lonely-Viii (The Epic Of Eight)

Poem By Michael Cook

I have a dream and a number
Forever mine is my number
It is four, plus company, and one
The number of cosmic balance, my son
Always eight under my wing
And my fours on either side to sing
My company is solemn without it
And my course is set towards it
Now everyone knows my passion, proud
For my number stands tall 'midst the crowd
It is alma mater at it's counting
And certainly an obsession is mounting
One day, then, I was set upon by one
A lonely number, and not much fun
He said to me 'Be thou my mate! '
'A cad! ' said I, 'Trust not fate'
In the end we so parted...
A bitter splitting that fate started
Now I return to my favorite number
(And continue into my cucumber)
But one has always been trouble
So eight I shall ever coddle
But never one, oh so lonely
To be my mate in the morning

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