Einstein And Space-Time-Updated 5-6-2010

The most profound thing Einstein said
is that time is taffy, malleable.

And so is space.

If I do it correctly
I can leave earth
and see me coming back again
younger than I am today.

Now practically, this means
that the car ahead of me on the highway
is pushing both time and space ahead of itself
and I am in the rear
observing my own future
since I and my car will soon occupy a future
I can see outside my windshield;
one that will occur as soon as I reach the
spot where that car ahead of me is now,
or was, when I was in the rear observing
that car moving through what was clear to me was my future.
More, I was, (am) in the present behind him
pushing space in front of me
creating time as I proceed
and if my speed is at the speed of light
I can compress both time and space
in doing so.
So a car moving much slower behind me
is actually existing in a different relationship
to time and space than I am;
so different
so as to be almost in another dimension.
So lets assume I am moving at the speed of light;
that much slower car behind me
probably could not even see me
or be aware of me because for all
practical purposes I exist in a separate universe
from my much slower moving compatriot.

But the larger point Einstein says is that you and I
and everything exists in time and space simultaneously
living both our past, our future, and our present.

That is, all these dimensions exist together.
Look up at the stars and we see what was going on
millions if not billions of years ago because light
takes that long to get here.
But note that other stars also exist in space
in our future, so do we;
so all three dimensions exist simultaneously
in the time-space continuum. Space-time is a fabric and
if we shake one end of the fabic ripples happen all through
the fabric.

Now in the Tibetan Book of the Dead the same point is made
a different way in that when we die and get reincarnated we come back again probably using Einstein's time space continuum.
Well, look here Christians also believe something very similar
in that after we die we simply enter into another time space continuum and our atoms, our soul, or what ever, are merely transformed from matter into another form of energy. Hello Einstein again.

Wonder what want he was reading.

So there is agreement then between religion and science on these things and therefore what is the big disagreement about? Nothing but institutions fighting over money and adherents in time and space so to speak.

Now the quantum folks come along and they say 'Wait a minute Einstein, nice theory but that is not the way things work down at the atomic level. Time and space are not linear like you imply and you have not recognized the import of your own idea that time and space, past, future and present exist simultaneously.
If that is true, and it is at the sub-atomic level, what we get there, and in the heavens, are small blacks holes in one and big black holes in the other, and to booth all things existing at the same time is not true. Things at the sub-atomic level come in an out of existence.

Therefore, things are not stable at all on either level, and at both levels, things pop in and out of existence, our universe popped into existence from nothing (the big bang) and we can see parts off our universe popping out of existence into black and white holes everyday in space.
Therefore, therefore, on the sub atomic level the cat is made up of atoms which too, pop in and out of existence. It is just that we can't see it very clearly from our vantage point but we use this fact everyday in computers in the way that every electron popping into and out of existence tracks with its counterpart where ever that counterpart is any where in all of the universe. That is how a computer works. Change the charge of electron 'a' and electron 'b' will instantly change its charge and the gate is open and the computer works. It is called electricity.

Now out of all this comes String Theory (look this up) which says that atoms have no intrinsic characteristics by themselves. All properties of everything we know in the universe are generated by atoms vibrating at different frequencies and with different numbers of them around the nucleus.(This is the periodic table and note most atoms are spontaneously decaying and losing electrons.

So red is merely matter vibrating at a frequency we perceive as red.
Change the frequency and red becomes blue. Change the vibrations of the atoms in a cat and the cat is dead. Change the vibrations back and the cat is alive; we know this is true because the cat is made up of atoms, true?

Thus simply stated all existence is potentiality, and probabilities and this comes into and out of existence routinely on a potentiality basis. Now add to these factors one more: 'M' theory or Membrane theory. This idea is a progression, from quantum theory and intially states that there are many dimensions, more than three or even four.

After much theoretical wresting these folks decided there are 11 dimensions, because the math worked. But the implications of all this grew very quickly because it also became apparent that how can these 11 dimensions exist in the same time and space? Tricky huh? Well the answer is that they exist side by side often just centimeters apart. We may have whole other dimensions and membranes floating in our same time and space, such membranes containing entire universes floating in the great nether.

Contemplate that for a moment. A parallel universe may be centimeters from my face and I cannot perceive it. This theory explains the relative weakness of gravity (I can lift my arm and defy the entire pull of planet earth. Why? Because there is a parallel membrane universe centimeters away and in fact our gravity in this membrane universe in the 'residual' gravity from that one explaining its weakness in our membrane universe. Further, if two of these universe membranes collide, this would explain the big bang, the volitility of our universe, things popping in and out, etc. My how theory can bake a beautiful cake. And this is all consistent with Einsteinian views.

Let's take a concrete example of membrane theory. Fish swimming below the surface of the ocean live in one universe but fish-world is seperated from our world by a thin membrane called the surface of the ocean. The fish are not aware of the air-breating world yet both exist in the same time and space. Simple. So I will give you a moment to catch your breath to see if you buy into all of this.

All of this can be very confusing, but I promise you that people believe this enough to put billions in the Hadron collider in Switzerland.
My view?
Humm, if all everything does exist simultaneously and we move between these existences, it explains why my Physics professor was so weird. He definitely was not from this planet.

But more profoundly it explains how I can create this very poem from my very own future where it already existed. And more I can access all of my various selves, past, present and future and use the skills I did, have, now have and will have in my future. It may lie that in parallel membrane universe exisiting right now inches from my face, ideas can hop back and forth between myself and my other poet self in an ajoining universe. So we can have our Einstein and eat it too.

This, by the way is the way of Buddha who says this exact same thing. Buddha says we can access all of these states of mind through meditation. It is Indian theology as well. There is the world of the unseen and mystical. And in existing we pridefully demand to be able to understand it but that is an impossible dream. We are formed by this universe and are not equipped to sense or really interact with these other worlds. We can only go on faith or test the boundaries which is what the Hadron experiment is doing, literally looking to interact with another parallel universe through particle explosions initiated at the speed of light where these particles disapppear, the presumption is that they, like gravity have gone to that close-by universe.

And in the end no one has an answer to the unknowble question who or what started all this, and more importantly who or what maintains it.

Faith becomes the admission we ain't that smart to know that answer and will never be smart enough to know these answers. Both religious people and scientists now agree on this point.

Well, the more things change, the more it seems like that what we are all saying is the same.
Got to go.
Time for a little meditation.

New update: April 5th 2010

Now if, as I am fond of saying, things literally pop in and out of existence, how then does this exactly work? Now keep in mind this is no random problem. Billions have been spent, and billions more, at Cern in the Hadron Collider to answer this question.

Let's take an example of how this works;
We exist in a dimension like the surface of an ocean. The surface of that ocean, as Einstein said is the fabric of space-time. The surface seperates the water world from the air world, and both exist in the same time-space but are unaware of each other. Fish don't know we exist and in our example, we don't know know the fish world exists. At the intesection of these two dimensions (there can be many-up to eleven dimensions) the surface has little waves which pop up onto the air world and then fall back down into the water world. The surface forms the boundary between the two dimensons and we are seeing that indeed, water is composed of part oxygen and evaporation occurs at that surface and therefore there are exchanges between the two worlds. Now in membrane theory, (see above) the idea is that this is precisely the case between our universe and another 'membrane' universe abutting our own. This explains the weak gravitional force, (gravity here is reduced because gravity is actually coming from an abutting universe, hence by the time it reaches our universe it is weaker. It explains why I can lift my arm and defy the entire gravitational pull of the earth. Gravity is very weak in our universe for the reason stated above.

So far so good.

Now just as our world has more to it that water and air our universe model has more to it than just two membranes. (Note that collusions between membranes, in this view, caused the big bang.)

But we have bigger fish to fry here. We want to know the nature of dark matter and dark energy. We now know that in our universe only 4% of the universe is accounted for in what we are able to see. There is no question whatsoever that dark matters exists. We can't see it but we have measured its effects. The same is true for dark energy. It rules the universe of the stars but we want to know its role as well on the sub-atomic level.

Stay with me now. The unseen medium in which dark energy and matter exists we shall call Ether, the unseen. It is all around us yet invisible. The search is on for this ether or particle at Cern where such a particle is called the 'graviton' and/or the Higgs Boson. Why all the fuss?

Well to discover such a particle is to discover how mass comes into being and hence the interplay between mass and energy that Einstein describes. (Notice we have come full circle here)

But even more importantly a discovery of this particle will have implications way beyond physics. Here is my view..

1-A discovery would mean that the world of the unseen and the not directly detectable exists. Humans may simply be unequipped to see or directly experience 96% of the universe. The unseen and the unknowable is therefore most of the world and our universe.

2-No one knows who or what created this huge mechanism.

3-The existence of other universes means the potential for other life forms beyond our comprehension.

4- Popping in and out our universe means that our universe has a basic instabilty to it. It is mere 'potential' as quantum physics discovered. We are constantly interracting wtih other universes and therefore our universe is constantly changing. It is analogus to the latest gene theory where genes are now seen as merely starting points for the human being but malleable and can be changed by interaction with the environment. They are not immutable, and unchanging. The same must be true, in my view, then, of human nature. This has implications.

5-Finally, such a description of the unverse would explain some of the greatest mysteries of all- a. how can all particles in the universe be in touch with every other particle in the universe regardless of time and distance b. how can a particle be in two places at the exact same time c.
how can the unverse at every level be in touch with itself at every level, the sub-atomic and the galaxy level?

The answer takes us back to Mr. E who stated that time-space is a fabric. So if I tug on a piece of fabric on one end, the other end of that piece of fabric moves from my tug on this end of it. Now imagine the fabric in question is our universe floating in space as a thin membrane where a tug at one end of it, no matter how slight, now matter what size, and what is produced is a reaction at the other end of the universe. Time-space is a fabric. Ether is the medium whereby this is possible.

Once again we can now have our Einstein cake and eat it too.

Now, I take here another threotical leap. Suppose what we have here is two membrane universes whch have not only collided but merged. The larger more dominant universe-membrane is invisible to us yet affects us. This idea would solve a lot of theoretical problems:

1-It is the source of the gravity problem described above.

2-It is the dark matter and dark energy sought by so many

3-A merged unverse membrane universe each with its own differing physical laws explains mysteries such as black holes etc.

4-A larger, merged passing-through universe in the 11th dimension partially explains the space-time fabric issues. Space-time is a fabric because it is being tugged and pullied by another invisible universe.

5- A last point, how can the universe be constantly expanding and growing, yet remain in touch with itself at all points in space and time at the same time. Answer: This is a characteristic of a living organism. So next time: Is the universe alive' Is it a living organism? One man says so.

Update #3

That man was Wilhem Reich. But that is the subject of a seperate blog coming soon. For now I would like to focus on a third aspect of all of this: the transformation of matter into energy and vice versa. This is Einstein's most famous equation: E=MC2.

Now the meaning of this equasion could take a book but simply put it states matter can be transformed into energy and vice versa. At first this is a common sense observation; burn a log and transformations occur and the log interacts with its environment and we get smoke, charcoal and the matter in the log goes away or is transmormed in heat and light energy.

What is new coming from Einstein is that the transformation of tiny bits of matter at the sub-atomic level releases enormous amounts of energy exponentially. The equation above says the energy released will be the amount of mass you have (say a gram of matter) will release energy equal to that mass times the speed of light squared. Stated another way that gram of mass could blow up an entire city, and has.

This is the atom bomb.

Mass here is being transformed at the sub-atomic level into energy.

This is done by shooting photons into the nucleus of say an uranium atom at the speed of light breaking the bonds of force that hold that atom's nucleus together.

But what do you say has this to do with anything? Well at question at Cern and now on the table is where do atoms get their mass from in the first place? We even seem to have particles which have no mass whatsoever and then they seem to acquire it but how? What imparts mass to massless particles? Moreover, how does this search for the graviton and the Higgs Boson relate to the universe of the extremely large, galaxies, black holes, the big bang, dark energy, and dark matter, and of course mebrane theory?

Well, no one knows just yet but that is part of the quest at Cern.

I take here another of my famous theoretical leaps and posit the following: we may regard mass and energy as a continum just as we have seen that space-time is in fact a continum. What we gain theoretically is all matter and energy are of a piece, are in fact one thing, not two seperate things. An anology would be that body and spirit are one thing not two seperate things. Now we see where this is going. If there is the world of the seen and the world of the unseen, physics and religion then must be regarded as part of a single cosmos-a matter-energy continum.

Given this whole then arguments about the material world and the spirtual world are pointless since both are part of a larger single entity which we have, at this point, not apprehended.

More significanlty we have a single whole with differing parts, which interact with one another and each part is aware of and influences all other parts as a single entity.

So if all that we see and cannot see is a single entity, what is that entity?

All is connected to everything else, simultaneously; everything in the universe and beyond and in our physical selves as well, and in our spiritual selves: all one whole.

Sound familiar? It should. It is the basic premise of most of the religions of the world. What is added is an entity which controls this world or at least created it.

So the unity of all things is no idle speculation. It exists. And has been proved to exist over and over again in the world of physics.

So now that we have this shiny bauble of wisdom what do we do with it? What are its practical uses?

That will be the subject of updat number four.

Update number four:

Now mentioned above is the famous Einsteinian equation E=MC2 and we have explored above the mechanics of how energy is created from mass-in this example, nuclear energy and the atomic bomb.

Now we want to read the equation backwards. Mc2=E and the allied question of where does mass come from.

For to contemplate that energy can 'congeal' into mass puts us into another realm-energy moving at the speed of light becomes mass. Strange to contemplate, I know, but the idea here is that light energy does have mass and can 'congeal' into mass. In fact the primial 'plasma energy' that existed seconds after the big bang did in fact congeal into the mass we know as stars and planets-so this is no idle speculation. This did occur. But the question is how-especially if we take Einstein's equasion seriously-energy moving at the speed of light can congeal or acquire mass.

Well what moves at the speed of light? Answer: Light itself. Light itself here, has mass-which has to come from some where. Enter the graviton and the oft-mentioned Higgs Boson above, dark energy and matter too.

But our focus is more narrow here: what happens at the speed of light to energy moving at 186 thousand miles a second? Well apparently the laws of physics and objects themselves undergo change or at least encounter change making enviroments and energy becomes mass: Einstein backwards.

So why do we care? Well this means that indeed electrons, and other objects can pop into and out of existence, that is to say into and out of mass and energy states, and if light is an example, we often will not perceive these changes since we are creatures who do not move at the speed of light.

Once again proof of an unseen world, if not universes exists.

Finally, lets take an extreme example: Can energy pulses moving at the speed of light congeal entire planets, solor systems, universes? Yep.

Apparently so.

So now we have energy sources able to materialize, seemingly out of no where in milli-seconds in material form and also disappear as quickly. Scary huh? Yet it is an idea which seems so familiar: Star Trek had a transporter didn't it?

by Lonnie Hicks

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