(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Eischen’s For Lunch

Eischen’s is a place to eat
You’ll enjoy very much
Bring your sweetie with you
For it’s got a romantic touch

The lighting is exquisite
Seductive is the tone
You’ll just settle right in
As though you were at home

Chicken so crisp and succulent
You won’t believe its charm
Very fresh and delicious
Like it came right from the farm

Their nachos are amazing
Bar-b-q sandwiches and chili too
Everything is cooked to perfection
Just made for me and you

And the smell is captivating
As you walk into the room
It wafts into your senses
Brings happiness in place of gloom

So when you want to feed your honey
Or your stomach starts to growl
Go to Eischen’s everybody
It will wipe away your scowl!

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