Nothing Is For Sure

I've been loved and I've been forgotten
All in a single year at life's own stake
Memories of roads not often in life trodden
All in its future's own pleasurable awake

Life's not for sure for everything's for its try
As being is neither wrong nor is it right
Like a newborn thing that is starting to fly
Onto the morning before it goes to night

Nothing is for sure in its own time and play
All is a wakeup to the futures onward call
For living is a walking on in reality's way
Either winter to spring or summer to fall

Dreams in your daydreams some for evermore
Each on its waves to a different hope of shore

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (2)

Your poems are a surprise for me i love them
Wonderful poem is expressed in words is basically love poem based on perceptional attitudes. Love does not need agreement. This happens. Amazing sharing....10