El' Gato

Padded feet on deserted streets
After-hours as others sleep
With half Moon hidden
Behind clouds and trees stripped of leaves

Familiar walks of solitude and classic etude's
Whispering in tall Fall grasses
Fences blending shadows into the night
As Life's fabric of mystery weft and weaves

There are gardens of purple hush
With no access for trespasses
No stone pillows for the restless and the lost
That wander the forever in dirty sleeves

The air smells of the dogs of war
Avoiding the whore of death
That tempts his contempt of the pleasures
Society so eagerly receives

Being alone is his preference in life
Not the cackle of woman and bleating sheep
Or those that would lie in wait
To destroy dreams and dawns of precious sleep

(the night belongs to stray cats & homeless old men) .

by Toby Twigg

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