El Himno De Mi Alma...

All life gives is thorn,
Basket of worries, embroided with fun.
Casket of doubt concealing Joy,
Death did to many hearts coil.

Elation giving as a token to some,
Failure the hymn, and to others tomb.

Great and feeble minds are stucked,
Hearts of scholars are strucked.

In my way i see life a movie,
Joy in the beginning, ends with tragedy.

Kins killing keen kin's knowledge,
Lofty height often climbed by the aged.

Mothers loans life to their offsprings,
Nation squezzing life out of offsprings:

Oil given as grease for ailments,
Pain employed as cure for ailments.

Qoura teaches knowledges a bit,
Road blocked, street occupied by thieves.

Samson and Delilah in the van of progress,
The former strangled by his mistress.

Under the firmament lies the gold,
Various authorites had them withhold.

Winners were once beaten and by penury scold,
Xylophone of misery: rhythm as a tale to them told.

You can get the beauty out of life;
Zebra is embroided with daintly colour but yet strife.
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by Adeyemi Joshua

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