El Prima Memoria

When the horizon and the sea meet thats when i miss you most
Whe the sky has company and has a most luminous host
When the ear can hear the heart's every beat
And the driving music of the world must now take the back seat
Where the wind serenades the trees with its gentle breeze
No longer must we fight to hear our inner voice it speaks now with ease
As the dark layers unfold the diamonds of the sky shine ever so bright
Capturing perfection perfectly, constantly sending all who lookupon it an invite
Even at this late hour the birds still majestically sing
Reminding one of the first time those bells did ring
Then in the midst of pure stillness the frost melts from your nose
The warm itchy feeling spreads right down to your toes
Your eyes you have to shun
For one does not look nakedly upon the sun
The earth melts once more
And nature shuts yet another door
Though truely the same this time seal the deal
For when you placed my hand in yours i was sure it was for real
Thus your lips a fireplace to my heart
My hand is yours forever and never from it will it part.

by Raymichelle Springer

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