(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Fauna and Flora,
Build up your dreams and never give up;
And like the unleavened wafers spread with oil,
But, do no wander like shepherds on the top of the hills.
Yahweh allows cetain things to occur in our lives,
And of the protection that he has for us;
But all males must be circumcised in order to keep the law,
And like the joy of your music in the land of the living.
I was full when i left home but, i came back empty!
And while the girls were dancing,
Each man caught one of them and carried her off to be his wife;
But my joy is to meet you once again in the land of your muse.
To be raised up as a servant and to serve many people,
But the negative spirit came up and fought with me! !
So write down your poetry so that i may read them;
For out of the eater came out something sweet.
Why do you ask of my name when, you've already seen it?
However, i am very wonderful and i am a lover;
But, my name so sweet to your ears is Eldad,
And you will bewail your virginity on this hills when the time comes.
This voice is like the voice of my lover!
But the touch of your hands are like the hands of one who is at peace;
And like your life in the Valley of Lebanon,
However, come to me and i will teach you more about life.

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