Elderly Resident

Dedicated in loving memory of "the precious gifts" we have all known in our lives who have journeyed on. For myself, my beloved parents, Milton and Esther Reed. I met a lovely lady today, her character glowing with a radiant ray!
She lit the room with her elegant grace and the smile she carried upon her face.
There were tears of confusion in her lovely blue eyes,
She tried to conceal them cause she didn't know why they were there... She listened intently and watched every move as she drifted silently
Around the room speaking in whispers, as her breath was shallow.
I wanted to hug her and cough, or swallow to clear the asthma from her affected lungs,
But I knew I was helpless to do either one, so I just hugged her... Her response to me was with a kiss, this gracious, elderly, willowy miss.
Her arms held me with a powerful hug and my heartstrings began to feel a magnetic tug!
There was harmony in the warmth of her smile, and I knew that life had taken her miles,
And that she possessed the wisdom of those trials she had won... As I left that place, I said a prayer,
That God would bless this lady with the angelic stare and soft smile!
That she would not be confused or be afraid or feel want or loneliness or any dismay,
But bring a peaceful contentment to the depth of her heart,
In full confidence that God will do His part to always be there... I offered the prayer that her life would be easier,
And only contentment and happy thoughts would please her.
That her lungs would be clear and her family surround her
And that her life would be full of good memories around her.
That's all that family will have in the long years ahead,
As they remember standing at the side of her bed, saying -- "GOOD-BYE."

by Joyce M. Reed, Gelhaus

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POWERFULL! A heart touching Poem.