I Aim My Bow Against The Sky

I aim my bow against the sky
and set the mark
for the unknown
far beyond the blue.

Somewhere out of sight -
far beyond the stars
against the black of night,
there’s a place
my arrow aims.

Legend speaks about a place
beyond the sky and somewhere
among the stars,
where true and great warriors go.

At times I wonder if my fallen comrades
are waiting there for me
and if they are really free
from the chains
that still binds me -
are they more than mortal men?

I long to be with them at times
and to walk with great Achilles
at my side,
with Alexander in the lead
and to gather all my comrades
to march to the throne
of the Prince Of Peace
and to kneel at the feet
of the Almighty warrior king.

by Gert Strydom

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I love this poem. (I am teaching it to my 9 year Grandson)
This poem is brilliant. I read it in my big sisters book and have not been the same about Edgar Allan Poe since! I think it is safe to say that he is one of my favorite american authors.
Have been working on my own eldorado still have a long way to go for a journey of a lifetime in search of eldorado
This is some gay
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