(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Eleanor Ii

301 churches registered in Ghana from 'January to July 2003'!
But read your Scriptures well to learn from it;
For the dance of the monkeywill not impress me who have seen the beautiful dance of the snake! !
But, who is ready to teach the masses?

Wolves in sheep skins,
Of a country of plenty where many are still hungry! !
But, a naked man knows no shame over here.

I am Eleanor and i know what i do see around me!
But to eat my breakfast like a king and my lunch like a prince;
For, i will always aim at my goals and be very active towards them! !
But when the wind blows, these churches will be exposed to their so called doctrines.

Paying attention to both the surface and the facts within,
For the fragrance of the lavender is now mixed up with their deeds! !
And there are churches everywhere today (2012) in Ghana,
But, have they been able to change the morals of the people at large? !
Tell me if you know.

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