Electric Company

You caught my eye,
and was it not
electrifying, even then? !
While singing in our High School choir,
unspoken messages, adrift
through bass, soprano, band (too loud) ,
so undeterred, in isolation.
With an agenda of its own.

You did not know
you were caressing
my very being,
young it was.
We could not see
the world nearby.
That was in nineteenseventy, love.

Oh, that ye Gods would
bring you back,
the time so wrapped
in honeysuckle.
You wash my socks
today and that
is all that's left
of our love.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Larry, how could you include yourself with the dymmies. Yoy was the youngest daughter of Johann the Blacksmith, living in the small town of Niederschwunningen. He had married the local Catholic Priest's (illegitimate under God) daughter Yolanda. Well, I COULD make a story out of this but you know that we Aussies aren't known for being laid back so time is not available Mr. Eagle Eye. Thanks for pointing this out before... this way no one needs to know, appreciation shall follow you like a purple butterfly. H