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Electric Deity

Thoughts of deity,
ponderous and protracted.

Energy superlative.

That which cannot be
created nor destroyed.

Always converting;
form to form,
remaining for eternity.

A constant.

Our kinetic universe,
in perpetual expansion.

Beyond any rational imagination.

We at war on earth,
struggling as we are
through our species infancy;
occupied by tribal polarity,
unable to coalesce.

Limitless numbers
of religions
Buddhist, Christian, Islam, Jew

Just to name a few.

Each with defining answers,
positively known,
seeking to gain dominion
over all that they behold.

In the name of
some old souls,
that all
declare to know,
but none have ever met.

Siddhartha the Awakened One,
Muhammad; the final prophet.

The covenant of Abraham,
Jesus of Nazareth.

Christianity once a Jewish sect.

The Hindu’s eternal law,
a conglomerate of sorts.

The agnostic and the scientist
shake their heads
and think,
What a bewildering lot they are.

Despite their comprehending proclamations,
no one really knows.

May a humanistic iconoclast,
replace each and every

A wink’s as good as a nod
to the blind man
down the road...

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