Electronic Support

And as long as I don’t see
You on the television
Or I don’t hear about
You on the radio

Or I don’t even read about
You on the national newspapers
Everything you are telling me
That it is happing to you

I would consider them
As a pure fantasy
As a pigmentation of your
Own imagination

I can even go as far as
To advice you to become a novelist
I can even get angry
If you still persist to talk to me

About the all situation
If you still want me to believe you
If you still want to get my sympathy
If you still want me to help you

With the kinds of sufferings
That you are going through everyday
With the kinds of oppressions
That you are experiencing

With the kinds of famine and malaise
That your wife and children are being victim of
Get on television
Make a radio broadcast

Invite a writer to write about you
Not any kind of writer
A journalist
I insist a journalist

To write about you…Otherwise
I would find it boring to read
So, in short, get some kind of
Electronic Support to inform me

About your problems
While I am in comfort of my house
In my car or even in my office
Then I can believe you

Then you can get my sympathy
Then I can inform the all world
That you are indeed in need
Otherwise…Don’t bother me…


by Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie

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