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Electronic Wilderness
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Electronic Wilderness

Are we here?
We wind down the windows!
In the distance there it is -
the unmistakable beats we all know so well.
No sights yet spotted - only sound!
Excited we scramble to collect our party gear,
gather together and unite with the scene.

As we approach the bass gets louder,
until now felt through the ground we are walking on,
rising up through your legs and hips,
until you feel it almost as though thumping -
all the wind from your chest,
this then sending the powerful rush of music
through your entire body.

As each group of followers join together -
we experience an energy - almost a force.
This force creates a higher level of consciousness..
The beats are driving, the melody lifting us,
giving the amazing feeling of euphoria.

As we look around this oh so familiar scene,
glimpses of beautiful smiles, eyes sparkling.
As the soft floating lights swirl and disappear -
into the never ending canvas of the night sky.
A cherished friend appears in your gaze,
no words are needed - a smile - a warm embrace,
is more than words can ever say.

This life altering experience will capture your heart.
The power of music will take your soul,
pick you up and guide you to the most wonderful place
you have ever dreamed.

June 2003

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