(12 February 1923 - 3 September 2003 / New York City, New York)

Blind Beyond Belief

You stand close like your by me, yet wondering off on your own when i sleep, the blood is pouring on the floor, and the words of demise that are channeled, through your inspiration, your goals, your mind, through your actions, always wanting to experience the unknown, but when i look your not there, just the mistakes you left for someone else to clean up, I create a motion, and i try, dedicated to my words, everything has to end and it all falls apart, no matter what i see in you, and i want to be, always throwing it back on me, without a frown on your face, a sacrifice that you perform, when i turn to face you, just a mistake staring at me, for once the weakness that i have shown, has sewed itself up, recovered from the lies you subject me to, and the disiese of blindness you have, for seeing the true me.

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Well, he told her anyway, didn't he? And the title Elegy is facetious, for this short little poem is anything but melanchly!
It helps, with all of the close shaves in life...
In the whiskey! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Funny and beautiful. A nice little poem on the go. Thanks for the sharing. 10++
It is a beautiful poem on fun and humour having nice depiction and haunting expressuon. Congratulations to his soul for poem of the day.
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