The Pastor's Wife_Tribute To An Outstanding Woman

The Pastor's Wife
A Tribute to an Outstanding Woman

She serves in a lofty position not sought by her in life;
having fallen in love with a ministry man,
she became a pastor's wife.

She gave her life to Jesus, to share the Gospel Light,
to make both God and her husband proud-
happy being the pastor's wife.

She started on her journey, expectations soaring high,
to serve beside him with heart and soul,
for she is the pastor's wife.

She wished to be a servant on whom others could rely,
adjusting to expectations;
after all, she's the pastor's wife.

She longs to be free of anxiety, of bitterness, and strife,
to have a gentle countenance
and heart of a pastor's wife.

She's always a gracious hostess whenever folks drop by,
entertaining cheerfully, whether day or night-
a hospitable pastor's wife.

She's tried to be the perfect mom, with kids who had to play nice.
She nurtured them with tender love-
she's a mom and the pastor's wife.

She's not to show her struggles or down times in her life;
to appear to be always on top of the world,
like a pastor's loving wife.

There are times when she's been lonely; we need to realize,
that God made her first a woman
and then the pastor's wife.

She's lived on a meager salary, just trying to survive,
while others enjoyed lives of luxury -
so common for a pastor's wife.

She's been grateful for blessings that filled her daily life;
and for all the prayers that have been prayed
to encourage a pastor's wife.

She's longed for one true friend in battles she's had to fight,
only to be burned by those who turned
their backs on the pastor's wife.

She yearns for her own identity, the many tears she has cried,
for she wants to be known for who she is,
not just as the pastor's wife.

She has often craved conversation from the many people in her life,
but they just have a message for him,
to be passed on by the pastor's wife.

She sometimes has been hurt, needing hugs authentic and tight,
for she gets discouraged like everyone else.
So let's lift up our pastor's wife!

She's always been there for all of us, so love and treat her right,
taking genuine interest in this precious lady
whom we call the pastor's wife.

She's been often taken for granted by those God put in her life.
So let's show our loving appreciation
for our pastor's gracious wife!

Note: Special thanks to Julie Tedder, Rama Devi and Lois Funk for help in editing this poem.

Dedicated to my wife Kathy

© 2007 by Loyd C. Taylor

by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

Comments (3)

This might be about a teacher who the student speaker sees as a dual role prince/frog depending on his appearance or mood? The day before he was a prince, today a frog. It's funny.
In the end I am not sure what it is about, but it is always interesting to ponder Anne's madness.
and when we read the line...the prince you ate yesterday....if prince the word used as prince to mean then the spirit to craft the expression make us decided to value...'your words were all things, '. Readers also watching through the velocity of woolen legs....the classroom and the elegy. Wise indeed.