A Quiet Marine

As he stands there behind you
Wearing nothing but jeans and a t-shirt
You could not possibly understand
All the pain that he has to hurt

While you are getting upset
Because the line is taking so long
Or it might be because someone is counting out pennies
And you think that is so wrong

You see the 'Support Our Troops' magnet
And sigh with disrespect
You could careless about what happens
Or what to expect

The man that stands behind you
Has just gotten home from war
He has went days without sleep
And weeks without a shower

He has seen many of his friends die
And know there is more to come
He did not see his baby born
He wasn't there to see him run

He has been doing something that you are too weak to do
He has been overseas fighting a war
He has been fighting for me
He has been fighting for you

So you just keep standing there
And sigh all you want
Make mean gestures and rude comments
But from him a word you will hear not

He is a United States Marine
He has fought for you and me
I do not cuss so I will be polite
To me you are nothing but an effin s.o.b.

by Ashley McCutcheon

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