Elegy To Time

Like rainbows dissolving or love's end
We mourn the parting of friends

As the Sun travels East to West
Do we wonder where or when it will rest

In the Spring a world reborn
A child's first step this Summer's morn

Autumn's passing into Winter's night
Shows a glimmer of Heaven's light

And slowly ticks the clock and chimes
As in passing beats our time.

by Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

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dissolving rainbows, Autumn's passing, passing beats of time.......... your concentrate on passing.... liked it very much since it made me think of the triviality and at the same time of the beauty., thank u dear poetess. tony
ok, i just reread twice. i guess it is definitely 1. a poem of serious reflection and, in part, it is a lament for the dead. so, it IS an elegy. hee-hee. i shall start constructing June's all-female-poets showcase, using this as the first submitted poem. but unlike in the past, i shall wait a while before i make the 'first bunch' of poems available for readers of the showcase. i'll let you know when you may see it on my site. Thanks. bri :)
From Google: Elegy el·e·gy ˈeləjē/Submit noun 1. a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead. synonyms: lament, requiem, threnody, dirge; More 2. (in Greek and Roman poetry) a poem written in elegiac couplets, as notably by Catullus and Propertius. ======= love poetry is traditionally composed in elegiac couplet. It consists of two paired lines of primarily dactylic () meter: the first line, which contains six feet, is a hexameter line; the second, which contains five feet, is a pentameter. ============== So, IS it an elegy? It is 'all Greek to me'! ====== I liked all but the last line. I don't understand it. I'll certainly consider it for June's showcase, if not sooner. Please remind me. Thanks, Bri :)
This is only the first one of yours that I've read, and I love it already! I don't know how you can do any better when you're already at Level 6, but I'm going to assign this one a 10. Very well written!
Hi Lorraine, An amazing play of statement and response, evoking fantasy as well. Thanks again for glancing by my Blue Autumn Angel. You have as well a large collection of very good pieces. I enjoyed browsing through quite a few. Thanks for sharing, Paul
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