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Elementry Foolishness
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Elementry Foolishness

There's time for everything under the sun, but it's unwise to waste the right time doing the wrong thing. Listen to your conscience and pay attention to the words of wise men, a tree cannot make a forest and a man without self-control cannot overcome his fears.

Humanity is on the edge of calamity and terror of vanity, wisdom is calling with loud voice from the valley of redemption but no one is paying attention, when will you take the mask of mediocrity from your face and look reality in the eyes.

Runaway from folly with all your strenght and determination, nothing can stop a motivated soul from rising above limitations and doubts. It's better to remain quiet than utter words that will destroy your dignity, embrace wisdom with total audacity and folly will never have a space in your world.

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Witty utterances set aside for sober reflection. Well conceived and elegantly brought forth with conviction. Thanks for sharing Felix and do remain enriched.
A wise poetic imagination, Felix. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks
Wow... Wonderfully composed. Keep it up! .... Poetry is liberating!