Eleven Fifty Six (6/30/20)

Poem By Jasmine Williams

The bells of freedom are ringing.
If I could touch that sacred brass,
Just beyond my desperate grasp.
I see,freedom seized with bravery,
from the binds of corporate slavery.
I want freedom from my enemies.
These imperceptible chains are stifling.
I want freedom in its entirety.
I ask, is freedom just that far from me?
I want freedom from societies' hate disease.
I'm drowning from my inner demons.
Death is so close, I cannot breathe.
Desireso potent, you wouldn't believe
For freedom, I'm screaming.
In the bowels of darkness,
the freedom bellsring.
In the midst of my falling asunder,
the freedom birds sing,
Just near the freedom waves.
So close to the freedom thunder.
Yet,freedom doesn't exist for me.
And I am befixed to wonder.

Comments about Eleven Fifty Six (6/30/20)

Such a nice poem, J. W. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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