'Besos que vienen riendo,
luego llorando se van,
y en ellos se va la vida...'

I will leave this land, quickly,


I come across a wall.

It is a boundary wall that I will come across today

A boundary wall

there will be fat calves and a golden light shines towards this wall.

I will forsake this land today, quickly,


I am a free man.

I was a slave before-I-swear, a bric-a-brac, before-I-swear

I am leaving my homeland now quickly and I have no friends, I come across a brook.

I've visited before.

And I

Will forsake this brook and its stony shore and its encircling cloves of trees

The birds here
don't love me and they
sing strange

they sing to me! they sing to me! oh, the new birds sing once I Pass this wall...They will say:

'forget, forget, forget,
it is better to forget'

and they did, But

It is dark here now
the gold is gone here now
where is my chariot and fattened calf?

Wait there was a door there on that golden wall.
I came through it but now I look and see it was made of blackened-bone

I was chased out now
I am in
some wasteland

I am a raven-fellow
feathered to a blood moon (no Good)
bring me bread and flesh

So all I hear are these scream-squawks of my kin:

I don't believe in love!
Squawk! Squawk! I don't believe in God.

and I sing:
'forget, forget, forget,
it is better to forget'

or better still to've never met.

by Alek Lenth

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