Eliot Spitzer V Goliath

Eliot Spitzer,
though you were harmed
by Paulson and other
Wall Street sharks,
... hark!
the sound of
resurrction's larks!


In the US we have a courageous man,
Eliot Spitzer, who fought the sharks
of Wall Street who control the US
regime. He had sued Goldman Sachs
and other firms, successfully, as
attorney general of New York. As he
became governor of New York, one
of the sharks, Henry Paulson,
former head of Goldman Sachs,
and president of Nature Conservancy,
where Paulson turned wilderness shrines
into cattle concentration camps,
became Secretary of the Treasury,
as Wall St shark Robert Rubin before
him went from Goldman Sachs CEO
to the Secretary of the Treasury.
As the Secretary of the Treasury is
head of the IRS, insider trader Paulson
used his new power to entrap
Eliot Spitzer. God give victory now
to all courageous opponents
of petroplutocracy, pharmaplutocracy,
war profiteer plutocracy.

by O Anna Niemus

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