Elite Scammers

Among the elites they dwell,
Offering cows to the chief priests on Saturdays,
And tithes on Sunday they pay.
They wear feathered caps and walk like
Masquerades, big and bold, the jesters sing.
They take the front rows in the church and the
Pastor’s sermon eulogizes their generosities.
They are called titled men, they call themselves
Charity workers and extort money from
International NGOs. They go to the less privileged
With cameras to deceive the ignorant,
The media call them philanthropists.

Scammers eye see
Live in mansions, they ride on glass tinted
And bullet proof cars,
They carry five mobile phones and talk in seven digit figures,
Their dresses are some royalty and their convoy intimidating.
They impinge on your reason and take you to the circle,
You shake hands with powers of the day and get carried away.
They take you to dinner where a bottle of wine is equivalent
To the bartender’s one month salary and tell you about
Contracts executed that made them rich.

Scammers eye see
Carry security escorts and move with ease of a lion king,
They tell you about their connections in the government
And heavy contracts you can win.
Their tongues drip honey as they ask you for PR money,
10%,20%,25% of a sum upfront and they will swear,
The contracts are yours.
If you are foolish and pay, you are finished for,
Their job is done.

©January 2010.

by akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks)

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