Poem By Damien Nicholson

Of all the mistakes I ever did make
the wrongdoing upon you, the queens name sake
is the one that keeps me at night awake
my feelings were true, and of that I dont regret
only the misery I caused you is one i wont forget
there are no excuses for my selfish ways
the concillation I give you is my lonely days
I hope you can find it to forgive inside of your heart
as my actions were a reaction to us being apart

Comments about Elizabeth

A Love Poem with a difference, admitting a mistake...unique
very strong and heartfelt, nicely done!
the way you put words in a different order then what most would think of put this at the top of my list.

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After sleepless nights, but days spent dreaming
not sure about life and its true meaning
up and down like a thermometers mercury
disillusioned, is a word best to decribe me


oh i hate my job with a passion
its not unheard of yeh its a fashion
coz the days are long and the nights are short
the only thing i'm sure of is i'm not sure

Tell Me Why?

So many questions have been left blank
and will be until I tell them frank
but I can feel an intrusion of me
why wont they let me be?


going through the motions
the night draws a close to yet another day
and no satisfaction from it all
its just another one thats wasted away


I'm living in a land called blighty
in a recession the size of 1990
with 2 million unemployed
feeling let down, and all non void.