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Ell Aye Wooman

we spoke for a
few minutes
you asked me
what i do
i said
what do you want me to do?
you said
seriously now
what are you?
i said
i live lamely
you said
you make no money?
my friend said
he's a writer
i shrink some
i guess i am
i said
if that's just it
why don't you?
i had no answer
she's right though.

what wonderful legs you have
and your wrist is thin
your hands soft
your fingers so graceful
as you stick the bamboo
between my nails
and discuss your great ventures

i am content
to apply topical accomplishments
on polite conversation
i am happier
to chat
over nothing
that is
but never was
and could
never be

by Floyd Crenshaw

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