Forbidden Love Affair

Hold me tight, squeezing ever so close, near your heart
Where I can lie on your bosom just breathing not say a word
Holding me tightly like a babe, don't let go - sail on by don't runaway: Turn around hold me close squeezing like a closet

I'm dying? Touches from you will stop the aching
Fancy the pants off you - don't wave goodbye cause I fancy the pants off you. Bashful? - Too forward wait awhile -
Search my eyes see I can barely look back
Gonna hold your hands and talk; too much tension it's all too soon

Fancy the pants off you: giving the chills you've got me shivering or is it dampness - just sheer heat roll into one: flossing at the mouth that's how much I want you; let me take your hands showing the way I like it - make love too me
Honey the taste so smooth and mellow; easy chill out!
Slowly that's what I'm dreaming of

Fancy the pants off you! Hold me close, squeeze me tight - don't let go! Rock me tonight Tenderly sweating like a trooper; hear those magical words: I love you. I want you.
Die for you. You, you, you! No one else matters - crazy watching you swaying your hips, tapping your feet at a Stevie Wonder's gig listening to serenades; smile is out of
this galaxy: - Wow! Energy is electrifying it's so sweet! Which celestial being are you

What planet are you from? Want you so bad. Rock my world
Unlike an eclipse we'll last - moving our bodies rhythmically
Baby, fancy the pants off you: give me a chance be mine forever
Heavy petting and necking reminding me of a hot-shower
watched perspire - like tower inferno hot stuff!

Provokingly gaze in my direction, wriggle your body this way
Go away and risk me being blue for you. Fancy the pants off you

22/6/16 Sylvestina Simmons

by Christina Simmons

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