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Elmo's Poem (In Loving Memory)
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Elmo's Poem (In Loving Memory)

Poem By Kelsey Joe

An angel called you
And told you to close your eyes,
Listen to your owner's
Soft, sweet lullabies.

The soft strokes on your back
As you smile to her face
She thinks you'll be alright
But you've suffered silently for days.

She whispers I love you
As she gets her coat on to go,
Your sending silent goodbyes
Through her mind so she knows.

You take a big yawn
And fall fast asleep,
Taking one final breath
Before she finds and weeps.
Your spirit has gone from this Earth
Leaving her sad and she cares,
But she know you'll be in Heaven
With God so she trusts you there.

Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my pet,
She cries softly to herself
And you are one she'll never forget

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