Elusive Thought

It lay upon my mind all day,
Tacit, yet gnawing;
A thought that wouldn't go away
And I, ignoring. For what about my daily chores,
A teacher serves his pupils.
What's so esteemed by troubadours,
Could lay to rest such scruples? The day wore on and then was gone
The thought, still there, abiding.
My soul, beleaguered, gave a yawn
With energies subsiding. I Brushed my teeth and buffed my shoes;
Anything to ignore it.
I even stooped to watch the news,
Though often I abhor it. 'Twas time to turn my thoughts to bed.
The sun gave in, the day had slowed,
But what was that still in my head?
Would you believe, 'twas just this ode?

by Mason G. Senft

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