(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Elvis Came To Washington

He was standing right on the street
And I really thought I would die
My heart beat so uncontrollably
When I explain you’ll understand why

Elvis was dressed in his white jumpsuit
Yes, I swear it really is true
It was a night I always imagined
And I’m sure it would shake you up too

I dreamed for so many years
That some day Elvis and I would meet
And then he started to sing, folks
His voice was so soft and so sweet

He looked just the way I imagined
I’d seen him so many times before
Of course, it was always in movies
Now he stood right in front of my store

Yes, Elvis came to Washington
One night that I’ll never forget
I still can see him before me
And I’ll tell you, I’m not over it yet!

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Elvis is my all-round favourite and this reminds me of a dream I had about him a few years ago that he was walking around Dublin city, in a white jacket and black trousers and in his prime, and people were shaking his hand as he went by... must write about that! thank you for this tribute to the King.