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Elvis So Loved The World

Few people know this
but Elvis
his identical stillborn
brother Jesse
in the womb.

Realizing that twin Elvi
would be too much pelvi
for this world to bear,
fetal, fatal, Elvis
kinked the umbilical cord
of his mirror image

and choked off
the lifegiving flow
of oxygen
and glucose
to the poor boy
the way
a gardener
a garden hose
and stops
the lifegiving flow
of water
to his flowers.

Don't get me wrong.
Elvis dearly loved
his brother.
But he loved
the world more
and came into the world
with the stain
of fratricide
on his handsome brow
to save the world.

That sin,
that guilt
was what Elvis
willingly took on
and strove so hard
to atone for
in the years
that followed
with his gift
of music
and his lesser gift
of gyrating.

Finally the guilt
too terrible
and the very drugs
and peanut butter and banana sandwiches
he took
to dull
his pain
killed him
on his porcelain throne
at the young,
of 42 years.

Now he sits and sings
in Rock 'n Roll heaven
heavenly harmonizing
with his beloved brother
and all is forgiven,
though Jesse
can't stop thinking
of the career
he could've had
had he not gone
from womb
to tomb.

And in those moments
he wishes
his beloved
and murderer
would go
straight to hell
and roast there

by Doug Lane

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